Welcome to the Woodshop32 blog!

Did you ever have that one really important decision to make? How did it change your life?   When my husband and I decided to raise our kids, the income downsized and our whole world changed.  Luckily, I grew up on a dairy farm so my frugal and creative skills became a huge asset for us with daily life stuff. 

When money is tight, I get creative and make do with what’s available.  If it’s broken, fix it!  Can’t afford it, build it!   Hungry, garden it! The list could go on and on.

Over the years, we’ve built beautiful woodworking projects, custom furniture, and building construction. We continue to work on home remodeling room by room which really is a labor of love. We seem to always have a couple of projects going on at the same time! My wonderful husband is the ‘numbers guy’ and I am the ‘designer’.  We make an awesome team! 

The furniture flips are more my gig and it’s fun to find unique pieces to work on.  My rule of thumb is to keep the flip cost as low as possible. By repurposing furniture finds, it definitely helped us to acquire and create beautiful furnishings and home décor at low cost.

The decision to live a simpler life impacted our family in a positive way.  By living with less, we are able to teach our kids new trade skills and how to survive in the real world. We wouldn’t change a thing!

Woodshop32 is looking forward to sharing creativity, tips, design ideas, and teaching others to build on a budget.