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Are you looking for a wine rack display ideas? You can repurpose an old fireplace into a wine rack. A DIY makeover for a fireplace cabinet in a unique way.

My parents inquired if I could transform their faux fireplace cover into a wine rack. After inspection of the cabinet, I discovered it was built from pressed board and particle board. I usually avoid fake furniture but in this case I was intrigued with the design challenge.

old faux fireplace frame

1. Sanding Fireplace Cabinet

By using a putty knife and hammer, the thin strips of plastic are taken off and it shows the pressed board underneath. Yes, that’s just paper pressed together. Argh! The black grill is removed and saved for later.

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The fireplace was sanded down with 100 grit using my palm sander to roughen up the surface. I had to be careful not to break through to the particle board or pressed board underneath.

Since it will be distressed, the damaged areas added to the look I was going for anyway. It’s a win for this fireplace DIY makeover!

2. Painting Fireplace Cabinet Base Coat

After wiping the sanding dust off the fireplace cabinet, it was ready for paint. I already had some leftover black paint from a previous project to use for the base coat. The inside is not painted because it will be hidden by the wine rack insert.

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3. Building a Wine Rack Cabinet Insert

The wine insert cubby box is 23 5/8″ height by 18 1/2″ width and 11″ for depth. Each wine bottle compartment was 4″x4″. We had leftover veneer plywood in the woodshop to build the insert. The table saw is used to cut dado grooves into the box pieces so they would slide together for a tight fit.

My husband did a great job constructing the wine cubbies! Thanks honey! A scrap piece of wood is attached by pocket screws to the bottom front to hide the gap under the box and look more uniform. The wine rack display fits perfectly in the fireplace cabinet.

4. Painting Wine Rack Insert

The wine box cabinet insert was taken apart and each piece was spray painted with black paint.

painting wine rack

5. Painting Fireplace Top Coat

I also had leftover satin grey paint to use up and there was just enough for this project. Yes!

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DIY painting wine rack

6. Sanding Paint for Distressed Look

Once the paint was dry, I took my palm sander with 100 grit and sanded down to reveal the black paint underneath for a distressed, vintage design.

distress sanding wine rack with palm sander

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7. Attach Fireplace Grill, Back Panel, & Caster Wheels

The black metal grill was moved up to show a more realistic fireplace look. Caster wheels are added to the bottom of the wine rack cabinet for easier moving. A panel of 1/4″ MDF was also added to the backside of the cabinet to give it a completed look and to hide the insert cubby box.

A vintage fireplace design is the DIY makeover idea I wanted as the final result. I am very happy with this furniture flip!

Tip: Use caster wheels on furniture projects, it makes moving items a lot easier!

The challenge to upcycle a faux fireplace into a wine rack display is pretty cool!

The fireplace wine rack is now settled in it’s new location at my parent’s house. I’m really glad we put the caster wheels on. The wine cabinet is easier to move without taking the bottles out.

Tell me about your unusual furniture upcycled project in the comment section. How did it turn out?

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