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Pallet Wood Planters

How to build pallet wood planters? You can build low cost pallet wood planters for your outdoor patio space or garden by using free pallet wood. A simple, easy pallet planter idea on a budget.

Check out my Pallet Fence to Hide Septic Tank Covers project. I used the leftover boards from it to build the outdoor pallet wood planters.

We recently planted trees so I reused the black plastic nursery containers they came in. The nursery container determined the size for the outdoor DIY pallet wood planters. #repurpose

repurposed pallet wood boards for planter

The vertical pallet boards are put together like puzzle pieces to be roughly the same size width. No need to be perfect. The top and bottom horizontal boards are cut to size.

repurposed pallet wood side panels for planter

I had some old wood screws to use up to save on costs. Each vertical pallet board is attached to the horizontal pallet boards by using two screws. Make sure the screws don’t puncture through the horizontal boards!

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For the leg frame, I used a 2×4 stud that was cut on the table saw for a two inch width. I wanted the side panel to be two inches above the leg frame. The bottom height was determined by using a stud board as a jig so the legs would be the same. I measured and cut the leg post all the same length.

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When attaching the screws, I put the stud jigs under the panel again. I attached the panel to leg frame using the Dewalt impact driver. Exterior wood glue is applied only on two side of the legs posts when attaching for additional support.

The black plastic nursery containers needed a surface to sit on. I had leftover deck stained wood to use up and this was the perfect spot for it. By placing the container into the opening, I was able to determine how high from the top it should be placed.

upcycled pallet wood planter inside view

The nice thing about working with free pallet wood, it will usually be imperfect! That’s the best part! The do-it-yourself pallet wood project definitely saves money.

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The black plastic nursery containers fit really well in the pallet wood planters. #reuse #repurpose

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pallet wood planter with black plastic nursery container

I had some leftover black exterior paint to use up. Another cost savings! The pallet wood planters turned out really good! The DIY pallet wood planters can be painted, stained, or sealed with a clear coat for a natural wood look. Pallet wood makeover design made easy!

The pallet wood planter project was basically zero cost because I was able to use items I already had in the woodshop.

Easy pallet wood planter idea for a garden or patio on a budget. My DIY pallet wood planter project is easy to build and design.

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