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Bamboo Home Decor DIY

Bamboo Home Decor made easy with DIY!

Do you have old bamboo dressing panels? If so, here is a great idea to repurpose them into creative home decor.

Easy DIY makeover project for beginners!

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Supplies Needed:

The bamboo panels I found are definitely outdated and need a DIY makeover. I got creative and decided to change them into wall mount home decor.

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Step 1: Clean Bamboo

The bamboo panels are cleaned with mild soap and water. Let dry.

Step Two: Sand Bamboo

The bamboo panels (front & sides only) are sanded with 100 grit sandpaper to roughen up the surface. (Don’t do backsides because they will not be seen.) Sanding does not need to be perfect.

bamboo panels

Step 3: Painting Bamboo

With a tarp on the floor and adequate ventilation, they are ready for paint.

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Painting is easier if you place the bamboo panels on sawhorses. I always use my spray paint handle attachment to achieve better coverage. For the bamboo makeover, the fronts and sides are only painted since you will not see the backs.

Step 4: Sanding Paint for Distressed Look

Once the paint is dry, I used my palm sander with 100 grit sandpaper to distress the panels. Hand sanding in areas where the sander couldn’t reach.

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The picture on the left was my first distressed sanding. After standing back and looking at it, I decided to be more aggressive. The picture on the right was the final result allowing more of the brown undertones to appear for a softer look.

My home decor DIY idea is turning out really well.

Step 5: Attach Wall-Mount Hardware

Picture hanging hardware is attached to the back tops of each panel so it could be hung on the wall.

The DIY bamboo home decor adds more texture to a living space. The bamboo panels fill in the room’s empty wall areas on both sides of the distressed wall boards. Unique wall art on a budget!

distressed look painted bamboo wall panel

Home decor inspiration can come from repurposing items you may already have. Get creative on your next DIY project to decorate your home!

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