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DIY Pallet Christmas Trees with Lights

Want a cheap outdoor Christmas decoration idea? Look no further. Grab some FREE pallets first! Let’s get started on how to make DIY pallet Christmas trees for the holiday season!

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Cut Pallets First

I used a junk board as a straight edge to draw a line before sawing. My Bosch jig saw is used to cut out the shape. The bottom boards are not cut because it will be the base of the pallet Christmas tree.

I added pallet boards using wood screws to fill in the gaps on only two of the Christmas pallet trees. I also added wood to the top of each tree to give it a better peak.

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Drilling Holes for Lights

Dig in your holiday storage boxes to see what you have first. This will determine how you plan out where the lights go.

DIY pallet Christmas tree drilling holes for lights

Tip: Save money and use your existing outdoor string of Christmas lights.

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I have the C9 glass bulb Christmas lights in which there are 25 lights per string. Using my Dewault cordless drill, I used a one inch Milwaukee spade bit to drill 25 holes about 1 1/2 inches from the edges. I put junk boards under the pallet tree limbs for support before drilling holes. I don’t want to break a tree limb or damage my spade bit by hitting the concrete floor.

Making Stars for Pallet Christmas Tree Tops

My DIY Christmas pallet trees need a star to complete the design. I had some junk wood material to use up and a 7 inch star just fit on the board. I use my Bosch jig saw to cut out the star pattern. Each star was also drilled out for a bulb and screwed onto the pallet tree peak.

jig sawing Christmas tree star pattern

Adding Boards for Tree Base

I had a pile of junk pallet boards that worked great to screw onto the pallet Christmas tree bases. Since the pallet trees will be outside in the winter weather, I didn’t want the wind to knock them over.

DIY pallet Christmas trees

Old pallets are not perfect. If you notice, I added a small block of wood or board on some so they would stand up straighter. The snow will eventually hide the support boards.

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Painting the Pallet Trees

I dug out my old craft paint and luckily found two green colors and a yellow. The pallet wood was so dry that I added some water to the paint so it would spread better. I’m loving how these trees are turning out. My mini forest!

Tip: Save money and use up your old craft paint.

Christmas lights are next! Super excited!

Adding the Christmas Lights

The backside of the pallet hides the Christmas light wiring. All you have to do is unscrew the light bulb, put the socket in the hole and screw light bulb back on. Easy!

backside DIY pallet Christmas trees with lights

Each one of my pallets are a different height, size, and style. Love it! Notice the tree with the smaller lights, I stapled them on the front of the pallet Christmas tree using my electric stapler. Super easy!

DIY pallet Christmas trees with lights

Total project expense: ZERO. Since I already had the supplies, it cost me nothing to make. What a great deal for my holiday budget! #thrifty, #cheap, #repurpose

I can’t wait to get my DIY Pallet Christmas Tree display outside for the holiday season. Merry Christmas!!

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