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Motorcycle Raspberry Trellis

Do you like raspberries? I sure do! I had this really great garden idea. Kind of like an aha moment. Why not repurpose a small motorcycle metal crate into a trellis support for my raspberry plants. A simple and creative garden trellis DIY!

I was going to recycle the metal crate but instead will use it for my garden. Thinking outside the box!

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small motorcycle metal crate

I put the metal crate over the raspberry patch in April. The crate was heavy enough that I didn’t have to anchor it down. Easy install!

repurposed motorcycle metal crate for raspberry trellis

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repurposed motorcycle metal crate for raspberry trellis

By June, my raspberry patch was loving the new repurposed trellis for easy growing. I also extended the raspberry bed towards the field for added room.

I can’t wait to pick some raspberries! I plan on freezing most of the harvest in freezer storage containers for the winter.

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The crate first supported a motorcycle but now supports raspberry plants. The trellis height is perfect!

The motorcycle raspberries are growing like crazy!

repurposed motorcycle metal crate for raspberry trellis

My simple trellis for the raspberry bush DIY garden design worked out great! By upcycling, you can create a trellis idea from trash to treasure. Have fun designing!

What is your do-it-yourself garden trellis idea? Tell me about it in the comment section!

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